A digital oscilloscope for the analog world

  • 16 bit oscilloscope
  • Dual channel oscilloscope / spectrum analyzer
  • 16-bit resolution
  • Low distortion (96 dB SFDR)
  • Low noise (8.5 µV RMS)
  • 5 MHz bandwidth
  • 16 MS buffer memory
  • Low-distortion signal generator
  • Arbitrary waveform generator
  • USB powered

Most digital oscilloscopes have been designed for viewing fast digital signals. The trend has been to use new technology solely to increase sampling rate and bandwidth. With the PicoScope 4262, however, we have focused on what’s important for measuring analog signals: increasing the resolution, improving dynamic range, and reducing noise and distortion.

The result is an oscilloscope / FFT analyzer that has a level of performance to put most audio analyzers to shame yet has a 5 MHz bandwidth making it equally suitable for vibration and ultrasound signals as well as a wide range of precision measurement tasks.

Many applications such as vibration analysis require long captures at high sampling rates, which requires a deep capture memory. The PicoScope 4262 has a 16 million sample buffer memory so can capture at 10 MS/s for timebases as long as 100 ms/div. If you require longer times, the USB streaming mode can sample directly into PC memory.

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