MICROTEST’s single phase power meter 7110/7120 has the wave crest factor of the input current as CF3/CF9 and able to measure all the values within measuring ranges.

They have the fastest auto-shift speed amongst other testers of the same level, and the measuring span can be locked on rapidly to perform accurate power consumption analysis.

The measuring range of both PM7110/7120 are 0.001W~16KW, and they are able to measure AC power consumption containing DC and obtain power factors with higher accuracy while analyzing the current signals from devices with asymmetrical positive and negative waveforms.

All the electronic devices on the market must comply with EU requirements for standby power consumption, and the manufacturers are making their effort to lower it as best as they can. PM7110/7120 are able to help the manufacturers to analyze power and energy consumption precisely and perform long-hours survey with a PC.

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