J2102A Common Mode Transformer


    J2102A Common Mode Transformer

    Greatly attenuates the effects of low frequency ground loops
    Supports the 2 Port Shunt Thru impedance measurement required for Power Distribution Networks (PDN’s)
    Maintains 50 Ohm transmission line integrity to approximately 500MHz
    Works with all types of test equipment to eliminate ground loops, such as Network Analyzers, Oscilloscopes and Spectrum Analyzers

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    Detailed Specifications:


    Recommended Bandwidth1Hz-100MHz
    Insertion Loss1Hz-100MHz 0.2dB typical, 0.5dB max
    Return Loss1Hz-100MHz 20dB typical, 10dB min
    Max voltage50V
    Temperature range0-50 ℃
    Maximum Altitude6000 Ft