DC1000A 25A DC Current Bias supply – NEW 2015 Universal Model


    DC1000A 25A DC Current Bias supply – NEW 2015 Universal Model

    To guarantee the quality and performance of inductive components such as inductors, chokes and transformers they are tested at their real-life operating point.
    If the inductor is designed to carry a DC current, then its inductance must be measured with that DC current present.
    Until now, these measurements were made by an LCR meter connected via special interfacing to a DC bias supply available only from the manufacturer of the LCR meter. The unique NEW DC1000A can be used with any precision LCR meter and connects simply into existing test fixturing.

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    25A DC1000A

    • – The only DC Bias Supply that works with any precision LCR meter.
    • – Provides for the BEST accuracy from the LCR meter.
    • – Simple connection to an LCR meter, and easy to add to any existing test setup (or move from one to another).
    • – 500A capability with 20 DC1000As in parallel.

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    The DC1000A works in harmony with any LCR meter, including Agilent / Keysight, WK and Chroma models, as well as with Voltech AT Series Testers. Smaller, lighter and easier to connect than any other bias source, the DC1000A is ideal for:

    • – Adding DC current bias to your existing scheme to guarantee inductive component quality.
    • – Operates with LCR meters from all leading manufacturers
    • See HP/Agilent 4284A / 4285 / 4263…, Wayne Kerr WK3255 / WK3260… and Chroma 11021 / 11022 / 1061 / 1062 / 1075… details.
    • – Flexible manufacturing because the DC1000 can be moved from one test station to another in minutes.
    • – Examining core saturation characteristics during design.


    • – Smallest error in the LCR measurement of any DC Bias supply for confidence in the test results.
    • – Precise control of the low-noise DC current via the front panel or over RS232.
    • – Fully protected against inductor back-EMF and protects the LCR meter from damage too!
    • – Does not interfere with other tests – L, Q, Turns or even IR and Hipot (With Voltech AT tester)
    • – Fully integrated into any Voltech AT5600, AT3600 or ATi test environment.