5265 Transformer Tester

    5265 Transformer Tester

    5265 transformer tester, test frequency is 10Hz~200kHz, 20 test points.

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    • Basic accuracy up to 0.1%
    • User-friendly interface, high measurement speed
    • Innovative fixture zero-setting function to successfully prevent fixture interference from affecting the accuracy of measured values due to high test voltage
    • Paired with a 20-pin fixture to meet the test requirements for multi-pin network communication transformer
    • Optional 100mA DC Bias / 5265 is equipped with Meter Mode function, simultaneously display four parameters
    • Support LAN interface and USB interface for data storage

    Measurement Data

    Turn Ratio Frequency50Hz ~ 200kHz (10Vac Max.)
    Measurement ParametersInductance (L)、Impedance (Z)、Capacitance (C)、Resistance (R)、Conductance (G)、Susceptance (B)、Admittance (Y)、Alternating Current Resistance (ACR)、Quality Factor (Q)、Phase angle(Ø)、Direct Current Resistance (DCR)、Leakage Inductance、Turn Ratio、Balance、Short Circuit
    Basic Accuracy±0.1% (AC  parameter :  1KHz)
    Output Impedance100Ω
    Frequency trimming resolution5digits
    Frequency output accuracy±0.01%
    Point of Test20 Points
    Mathematical ModeAbsolute/Percentage 
    CalibrationOpen Circuit/ Short Circuit



    Power SupplyVoltage 98Vac~132Vac or 195Vac~264Vac/47Hz~63Hz
    Frequency 48Hz ~ 62Hz
    Display800*480  7″ TFT LCD
    InterfaceRS-232, LAN, Handler, USB Host
    Flash Memory128 sets
    OperationAuto、Manual、Remote Trigger
    EnvironmentTemperature : 10 ~ 40℃     Humidity : 20% ~ 90%
    Dimension (W*H*D)344x145x343 mm
    Weight3 Kg


    Parameters Measurement Ranges

    ParameterRangeBasic Accuracy
    (AC  parameter :  1KHz)
    L, LK0.1nH ~ 9999.99H 0.1% 25ms
    C0.00001pF ~ 999.99mF 0.1% 25ms
    Q,D0.00001 ~ 99999 0.0005 25ms
    Z,X,R0.00001Ω ~ 99.9999MΩ 0.1% 25ms
    Y0.01nS ~ 99.9999S 0.1% 25ms
    θ-180°~ +180° 0.03° 25ms
    DCR0.1mΩ ~ 99.999 MΩ 0.1% 25ms
    Turn0.1 ~ 99999.9 turns 0.5% 50ms
    Pin-Short12 pairs, between pin to pin — 15ms



    Power transformer, Network communication transformer